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Rates: Services

Transient Moments

30 minutes     375

60 minutes     500

You have a busy schedule, but the agony and anticipation of waiting until the next time you can sneak away is unbearable. Don't wait, I say to you. Come and enjoy a divine shorter session with me over your next lunch break, between meetings, after sneaking out of the office early on a leisurely Friday afternoon. Every moment with me will burn as brightly as a comet, and on these occasions, will be just as brief.

Speed of Love

1.5 hours     700

2 hours        900

Our time during a ninety-minute or two hour session will be as relaxed and warm as a laying in the grass on a lazy summer day. Let us enjoy the slow sparks that fly when my finger graze across your leg, and marvel at the fireworks to come.

Lingering in Joy

3 hours     1,300

4 hours     1,700

5 hours     2,100

(add 300 for each additional hour)

We'll meet, and you'll drink me in with your eyes, scanning me from up and down. We'll sit and talk, and you'll think to yourself how wonderful it is to finally be heard again. The sultry smell wafting off my body will intoxicate you, and the sound of my voice as I tell you how very, very glad I am to see you will captivate. All before a single touch is exchanged... During these sessions, you will reveal yourself to me, slowly. And I to you.

(note: time spent together in public required for dates longer than four hours.)

Beneath Your Moon

12 Hours     3,700

Nothing can compare to falling asleep in the arms of your new flame's arms after a night of decadent dining and my wide brown eyes gazing at you across the table. When lust is there, nights simply cannot be spent alone.

(note: 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, time spent together in public and two meals required.)

Fly Me To You

investment + cost of travel

If you've been waiting too long for the day that I might visit your neighborhood, a FMTY is for you. Simply book a sessions for two hours or longer, and cover the cost of travel and lodging in advance.

Sponsored Tour

minimum four hour booking, paid in advance.

Another alternative for those interested in seeing me in your area. Book and pay for a four-hour (or longer!) session in advance, and I will schedule a tour to your location based on our date.

Frequent Locations

Iowa City         add 150

Kansas City     add 200

Chicago         add 250

I'm offering special outcall rates for the cities that are my homes away from home. Simply add the above fee and I'll come to you in a hurry.

All investments are made for the exclusive use of my time, and my time alone. My acceptance of the investment is not agreement to participate in any illegal activities. Inquiries alluding to illegal or explicit activities in any way whatsoever will be ignored, reported, and blocked.

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